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Custom Products – Story Salts

Are you a writer or publisher and want a new kind of bookish merch?

Story Salts can help with that! We’ll work with you to create a unique Story Salts item that is inspired by and embodies the story of your book.

As a writer, you’ve done your best to present your story in a way that envelops the reader and makes them feel like they’re experiencing the plot right along with the characters. So why not also invoke their senses and allow them to experience your story on another level.

For your convenience, we’ve broken up the Creation Process into three stages that we can go through together. After which, we’ll analyze what we’ve come up with together and work with your budget and goals to find the perfect route going forward.

STAGE 1: Brainstorming

In this initial stage, we’ll brainstorm together some ideas and concepts for your custom order. We are going to want to come up with a few different options that we can experiment with. We do this because sometimes, the end product may not come out as imagined, and thus, we’ll need to tweak the recipe to better suit it.

This idea brainstorming stage is completely free. Think of it like a consultation. If you’re excited to move forward with working together, then we’ll move on to the next stage of the custom ordering process.

STAGE 2: Prototypes

This is where we’ll begin making our proposed ideas.

This stage is broken up into two tiers. These tiers basically buy our time and determine the level of ingredients you have access to. Based on the ideas we came up with in our brainstorm, we’ll recommend the best option going forward. This initial deposit helps to offset our costs during this stage. Understandably, some ingredients cost more than others, so we have to ensure that the tier packages reflect the level of investment on our part.

Tier 1: Basic – $20

This includes access to our basic level ingredients including epsom and sea salt, basic carrier oils, and most of our essential oils.

Tier 2: Premium – $30

This includes access to all of our basic ingredients, as well as our premium ingredients including our black lava salt, himalayan salt, all of our specialty carrier oils, and our premium essential oils, such as Vanilla.

After selecting the tier, we’ll begin work on making your ideas/concepts into reality. We’ll do all the hard work determining the perfect ratio of ingredients to formulate a wonderful product. We’ll settle on at least two options and test them ourselves. Once we’ve established that they’re worthy of bearing the Story Salts name, based on their quality and ability to invoke a customer’s senses, we’ll move on to the next stage.

STAGE 3: Testing/Feedback

Now it’s time for you to test what we’ve created. This is included in the aforementioned tier costs. We just ask that you pay for shipping.

After you’ve tested the prototypes yourself, you can give us whatever feedback you may have. Not satisfied with any of them? No problem, we’ll tweak the recipes and try again! Only you truly know what you want your story to invoke in the reader, so only you can judge when a product based on your story is worthy of that title.

After completing these three stages, we’ll discuss your budget, goals, and needs, and develop the best course of action going forward from there.

If you would like to start the Creation Process with us, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as we can with more info on how to move forward.