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Holly is currently working as an outpatient physical therapist in Chicago and calls writing her part-time job. She is engaged to a great guy (wedding date TBD) and is a fur mom to a pitty and two kitties. She's biracial, a twin (her sister also writes!) and is a self-proclaimed 'cool' nerd. She began her writing adventures as a young child and has grown from writing Kingdom Hearts fanfiction to writing stories of her own. She is currently querying her third manuscript, a YA urban fantasy with light sci-fi elements called The Celestial Code, which she hopes to traditionally publish as her debut novel. 

Words from Holly:

“I value my self-care Sundays and knew I needed some products to help me with my routine. Story Salts products were a perfect and easy way for me to relax after a stressful or busy work week.”

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