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Our Story – Story Salts

Our Story

Welcome to Story Salts - Where Bookish Fun Merges with Self-Care

Story Salts was spawned in the imagination of Maverick Moses, an aspiring author and book reviewer, whose passion for books and stories have put him on the map in the writing community and known as someone any writer can come to for help and support.

After giving gifts of bath salts to his friends and family, and always receiving a huge, positive response, he decided to merge his love of stories with his love of helping others.

As a writer, who stays busy managing multiple platforms and working as a freelance writing coach, all while trying to get words written in his own books, Maverick understands the importance of self-care. Despite his mind continuously swirling with ideas, Maverick tries to uphold Self-Care Sundays. Though this day can be considered a trendy thing to say on social media, the benefits of taking a day out of the week to relax and rejuvenate can work wonders on your life.

Maverick wanted this self-care to take the form of something a little more fun by merging his knowledge of bath salts and aromatherapy with his love of books and stories. Why just soak in bath salts when you can enter into the world you’re reading?

With Story Salts, you can let your imagination soar while reading by invoking your senses of touch and smell.

Each package of Story Salts is handcrafted by Maverick with love and care, and each has their own purpose and effect on the body and mind.

Give Story Salts a try and take care of yourself, giving yourself a time of rest, while helping to support an aspiring author.

You can follow Maverick Moses on InstagramTwitter, and YouTube to engage with the founder of Story Salts, learn about his books, and make suggestions for future products!

Putting the "Story" in Story Salts

After your first purchase from Story Salts, you'll gain access to our exclusive newsletter where you'll not only be the first to hear about new products and specials but also receive a new original short story at the start of each month!

These short stories will be the perfect addition to your bath salts, giving you something new to read in the tub, while letting the salts work their magic.

Each story will be written either by our founder Maverick Moses, or another aspiring author looking to share their work. Some of them will even focus on the scents of a Story Salts item, helping add to the overall experience of the story and bath salts.

Past Stories of the Month

February - Sparks Fly

Matteo is a normal everyday college student. He took Karate as a kid but has always said that if he were to get in a fight, he would use techniques he learned from action movies to defend himself. When a normal trip to the grocery store goes horribly wrong, Matteo must fight to survive a hostage situation. With his adrenaline already pumping, he meets Shara, an innocent young woman with a fierce heart, and the two immediately ignite sparks. Now, they must fight together against an army of their gun wielding captors. Will they make it out together? Or will they lose each other before their love even has a chance to flourish?

January - Witch Assassin: The Masquerade

Thrust into a world of secrets, Veronica Moore must navigate a masquerade ball in search of her mark. Her first assignment for the Queen’s Sentinel of Assassins is of great importance to her country and is a fragile situation. She knows the skills she’s learned will be put to the test, but what she doesn’t foresee is the role her magic will play in the mission.

When her plans fall to chaos, Veronica must think on her feet and use her powers. But will she figure out how to kill her mark before it’s too late?

Do you have a suggestion for a new Story Salts Product? We'd love to hear it!